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The Amazing Style of… Gisele Bundchen


She is a German Brazilian. She a supermodel. She has several appearances in movies. She the Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Environment Program. She rocks! Gisele Bundchen just turned 34, but looks fabulous and fresh. Just two months ago she was ranked #84 in Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women in the World list, being the only model in the list.

All of these things are amazing and we cannot help but be huge fans of Gisele. But let’s take a look at her personal style. It is very model-like, simple, nothing too much. Still, she definitely inspires us with her looks.

Her everyday looks are simple, casual, nothing too special, yet there are no drastic mistakes! If you do not have an inborn tallent for mixing and matching great pieces, maybe it is better to stick to a similar style.



Because of her great figure and long legs, she can afford to wear flats, shorts and skinny jeans all the time.




On the other hand, Gisele’s appearances on the red carpet are not as modest. There is a lot of glamour and shine, and she is not afraid to reveal her sexappeal at all! She definitely does not miss an opportunity to be noticed when she is attending a glamorous event: extravagant outfits are her thing!



Overall, it seems Gisele is a casual woman who just realises that she needs to stand out on the red carpet. Her beauty and great personality are definitely helpful since whatever she wears, she would look stunning.

Happy birthday, Gisele!


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