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The Amazing Style of… Beyonce


Queen Bee is one of the audience’s favourite celebrities in contemporary show business and that does not come as a shock: she is beautiful, proud of her looks and curvy figure, has an amazing voice and a great tallent as a perfromer and last but not least, seems to be a down-to-Earth kind of girl. But today we aren’t going to praise her for her great songs or amazing personality, but for her style. Beyonce’s outfits are so different from each other that we can say she loves both minimalistic trends and eclectic prints. It seems Jay Z’s wife does not want to limit herself to one particular style but play with it a lot! We admire her braveness and the fact that she and her mother created a fashion line called House of Deréon which only points out that fashion is not just something she needs to face everyday, but something she likes.

What you will conclude from the pictures we show you is that Beyonce can be feminine and edgy, elegant and sporty, colorful or adding just a pop of red to a black and white outfit and all of these looks work for her! The reason is she feels comfortable in her skin and it is as if her confidence and inner beauty can be seen through the clothes.



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When it comes to the red carpet or her official appearances, Beyonce prefers opulence and glamour. The breathtaking gowns she picks talk about a special attitude towards high fashion, and a certain braveness too. We notice that she is keen on gold, embelishments and sparkle, and though she does not need them to be noticed, she seems to stick to them nevertheless. After all, they don’t call her Queen Bee for nothing!

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