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The Amazing Hair Benefits of Almond Oil


Almond oil is a natural extract, widely used in medicine and cosmetics. It is famous for its benefits for the skin. However, it can also be used on your hair and the effect can be amazing. As with all natural oils, the lack of any additional chemicals in it make it a better alternative than all kinds of serums, masks and leave-in conditioners which may deliver excellent results at the time, but in the long run they may cause certain damage to your hair.

Here are some of the hair benefits of almond oil:

  1. Almond oil is one of the strongest natural hair growth stimulants because of the large quantity of magnesium it contains. Use it as a mask on your scalp before each wash of your hair and your hair growth will significantly increase. Remember to wash it out later, so that your roots do not remain greasy, and you will be able to enjoy thicker hair.
  2. Split-ends can be an annoying issue, especially when you want to let your hair grow longer, and almond oil is a great cure for them. You can apply one or two drops of it as a leave-in conditioner on your ends and they will remain healthy.
  3. If you suffer from dry hair, natural oils are the best cure. Almond oil specifically has great moisturizing qualities.
  4. Almond oil also leaves your hair very soft, shiny and glamorous. Use it as a pre-wash conditioner as mentioned above, but again, be careful with your roots if your hair gets greasy in that area. Leave the oil on for about an hour and wrap a warm towel around your head to increase the effect.

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