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The 9 Most Popular YouTubers


YouTube has an overwhelming community and is unfathomably huge. Over 6 billion hours of video are being watched per month and it’s one of the most frequently visited website. You get where I am going? Let’s check out the most popular YouTubers of all time. We’ve got vloggers, game players, actors and etc.

9. EpicMealTime

This is a team of several completely different people, which hidden purpose is to teach the future generation many tricks and lifehacks. They also have more than 6 million subscribers, just check them out!

8. FreddieW

A filmmaker, musician, VFX technician and a competitive gamer. This is what Freddie Wong is. Perhaps his biggest production to date is the movie, which was released in the UK and featured Michael Coughlin . About 6 million subscribers on RocketJump, this man has it going!

7. The Fine Bros

Their “Teans react to…” videos have been a blast throughout the whole Internet community and there is no way to deny it. Both hilarious and informative, Benny and Rafi Fine are online producers and video production owners. They have over 9 million subscribers and stand out to the other YouTubers is their selflessness.

6. RayWilliamJohnson

Ray is a YouTube star, daily posting the funniest and most embarrassing videos. With about 10 million subscribers, he shows his community via his show “Equals Three” that you have to be yourself and that you can turn your hobby into a job.

5. Tobuscus

Toby Turner is a gamer. But he is not your usual gamer. He is a true comedian – just by watching the way he plays you can actually be entertained and have fun. Personally, I have laughed my ass off while watching his video. Starting from Minecraft, following with his comedic literal trailers and ending with iSketch plays. With almost 13 million subscribers on both TobyGames and Tobuscus, this man is magnificent!

4. JennaMarbles

Jenna is a vlogger, known as Jenna Mourey. She talks about the real life on her videos, shares funny stories with the audience and teaches everyone the tricks she has. While Jenna is outstandingly good-looking, her videos feature standart comedic fare – jokes, impressions, expressions – but why does Jenna stand out so much? Her perspective is different. Her way of thinking is colorful and her over 13 million subscribers are well-deserved.

3. NigaHiga

Ryan Higa is an actor and a graphic editor and you can clearly see his skills. His account tends to center around pop cultural fads and broad comedic topics such as dating, socializing and the internet culture in general. What is so special about him? He communicates with his fans and his „Dear Ryan” show is a great example. He daily reads the comments and tries to satisfy his viewers. Over 12 million subscribers and YouTube is not the only place he crawls in. You should check out his Twitter, it’s hilarious!

2. Smosh

The comedic duo’s community is super massive. Starting from 2002 with the creation of flash videos, here they are now, doing everything their heart tells them. Playing scenes, games, you can see that they are truly enjoying themselves through their videos. A quick look at Smosh.com reveals that the duo has an essentially buzzfeed-esque site with massive amounts of original content. Оver 18 million subscribers, they know what they are doing.


Felix is the person with the most subscribers on YouTube – almost 30 million! Amazing, huh? He plays games, mostly horror and recently started even using an Oculus for his videos. Don’t know what that means? You should check it out! Even people who don’t play games like watching his vlogs, mainly because he makes everything look much funnier! 


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