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The 8 Golden Rules of The Long Distance Relationship


Having a healthy long distance relationship may sound hard, but if you commit and promise to make everything possible to make it work, it will eventually work. The first several years of my relationship were long distance and I speak from experience when I say that it’s not only possible, but it’s better for the relationship because this way you won’t get bored of your partner easily. Because I learnt some things the hard way, I want to share with you the 8 golden rules of the long distance relationship. I assure you – if you keep them in mind you won’t have any problem with your relationship ever again!

1. Visiting each other

When my boyfriend first went to live abroad, I was devastated and thought we wouldn’t make it for long because he was going away for a whole year and we wouldn’t be able to see each other. Then I realized that if a want it to work, I have to get on the plane and fly over to him so the relationship could work. Compromise, save up some money if you have to and see him/her at least for a weekend a month.

2. Talking is essential

Talking is the most important thing in every relationship, including the long distance one. If you can’t talk on the phone, try Skype or another program so you can talk daily and share what’s happening in your daily life. If that’s not an option, you can be old school and send letters to each other – it’s very romantic, too!

3. Video chats

Like the previous point, video chats are important because you can see your significant other even if he/she is not close to you at the moment. But if you can’t video chat or do it rarely…

4. Send photos 

… send some photos of you, your friends or anything else that would make your bf/gf feel as if he/she if with you in these moments.

5. Don’t be jealous

Jealousy can ruin a relationship, no matter if it’s long distance or not. Your partner has his own life, so do you and it’s more than normal that he/she spends time with other people, both men and women. If you feel jealousy just because of that and not because you have evidence or proof for something more, keep it to yourself – if you say something that can be seen as a lack of trust which can definitely damage your relationship.

6. Respect the efforts the other person makes

If your bf/gf chooses not to go out that night or comes to pay a visit, you need to respect that and be thankful. These little love gestures are the things that keep a relationship alive. You also need to make little gestures because if one is always giving and the other is just receiving it won’t work for long.

7. Do romantic thing when you see each other

Small things like organizing a movie night just for you two or going to a restaurant goes a long way. Romantic gestures show the other person that you love them and think about them (if you DIY something for him/her that would mean that you have given up your time to make him/her happy) which obviously you need for a healthy relationship. Don’t forget that even a small flower can make a person really happy!

8. Enjoy your spare time

When you’re in a long distance relationship you have more spare time than you’d think. Enjoy it because when your significant other is around you, you won’t have the time that you now use to go out or read a book or just lay all day at home watching TV. You both have to have “Me” time in your relationship in order to make the “We” time work.



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