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The 10 Deadly Sins For Your Skin


We are all trying to do anything we can in order to protect our skin, but there are boundaries. Even the healthy things we do can have a reverse effect if we overdo it, don’t do it correctly or not enough.

  1. You don’t train enough

Trainings, which are both good for your body and skin? Sounds good, doesn’t it? Specialists state, that if your skin is dry that means you do not train enough. Dermatologists suggest to have long walks if the weather is acceptable. Deep breathing during a yoga training helps the body to detoxicate.

  1. You do not drink enough water

Yes, the water can be harmful for the skin, but it is very wholesome when you drink it. In order to keep your skin elastic and hydrated, you must drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. If that sounds too much, you can eat fruits and vegetables which consist of more water, such as watermelons, cucumbers, courgette, etc.

  1. Do not put cream on your face every time you shower

You can use many other products after you have showered, for a moisture skin. You can take turns and use more than one product.

  1. Shower in warm water

Yes, hot water is healthy, but the toо hot is bad for you skin. It dries it and its healthier to let the skin moisturize naturally.

  1. Aging

Sometimes the truth hurts, but it’s inevitable for the skin to change throughout the years. As the time is passing it gets harder for the skin to keep the moisture and starts thinning.

  1. Too frequent goings to the beach

The heat dries the skin. The chlorine in the swimming pools and the salt in the sea are both “helping” with the dehydrating of the skin, especially in the summer. We are not telling you to stop going to the beach, just to take good care of your skin. Always use sun cream, always! And don’t stay under the direct sunlight for hours.

  1. Too much chemistry

    Take a look at the ingredients of the products you use and see their effects! Try to avoid products, which are aggressive towards your skin and have drying components. If your skin is not oily, do not use products with salicyclic acid in their composition.

  2. You are washing yourself too much

    When you wash your hands frequently it dries your hands, and the usage of a disinfectant with alcohol dries them even more. Wash your hands only when it is needed and try to avoid using a disinfectant. Also, applying cream on your hands after washing them is also good.

  3. You do not eat enough fish

    Omega-3-acid is important for both your health and your skin!

  4. Exfoliation

    The frequent expholiation dries the skins and makes it more sensitive. We advise you to expholiate once a week, and use products, which are aggressive towards the skin, only when you really must.


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