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That Holiday Look


WOW your friends and family this holiday season with stunning looks that highlight and contour the face with a flawless finish.



Here’s how:


  1. Make sure the face is washed and fresh (Remember to moisturize the face before applying makeup)


  1. Add your normal colored foundation used (as shown in the picture) areas of the face


  1. Also shown in the picture, apply ‘tiger stripes’ with a dark brown concealer as shown


  1. Use the makeup sponge to blend the concealer and foundation together to cover the whole face

  1. Ensure adding foundation to the lips – this will allow any lipstick applied to stay in place for longer



For the brows:


  1. Use the crème or white colored eye shadow and apply over the eye brow, brush the brow to ensure all hair is lying in the same direction (tip: if you have additional or longer hair that is not needed – use tweezers to remove)


  1. Use the dark brown eye shadow with your applier brush and cover all the brow


  1. For eye brows that have hair missing ensure you draw with the dark brown eye shadow an area to fill in to ensure your overall look is full) then use the dark brown eye shadow to fill whole of eye brow


  1. Use the light brown eye shadow to make an outline of the brow then use the applicator brush to bend all colors together. Use the eye brown brush and brush all hair in the same direction (outwards)


  1. Apply the MAC Longwear concealer to the bottom outline of the brow then apply the MAC Studio Fix over the concealer



For the eyes:


TIP: Make sure to blend well and evenly!


  1. MAC Painterly Pain Pot


  1. For the Inner lid and crease – Stila, Moonlight


  1. Rest of the lid you’ll need MAC Electra


  1. For the crease use MAC 224 Brush, MAC Indie Spirit MAC 222 to apply eye shadows


  1. Apply MAC Copperplate in the lower crease of your eye lid and Carbon in the outer V with a 217 brush


  1. Highlight / Tear Duct: Use MAC Vanilla


  1. For the lower lash line / waterline use MAC Kohl: Smolder it out and then apply Copperplate and Indie Spirit with the MAC 224 brush, smolder on waterline


  1. For the top lash line you can use Maybelline Eye Studio gel liner – Color: Black Fest


  1. On lower lash line you can line your eyes with L’Oreal Linear Intense (felt tip liner) in color: Carbon Black 7


  1. Don’t forget your falsies! You can use: Stacked MAC No.2, Ardell Scanties No. 2


  1. For your brows use MAC Dipdown cork eye shadow


For the lips:


  1. Use a red lip liner to highlight the outside of the lips (a shade darker than the lipstick that will be applied)


  1. Apply red lipstick with an applicator brush to the rest of the lips



You’re ready to dazzle!





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  2. This make up is a miracle! What product should i use under eyes? What product is really good for dark circles under eyes?

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