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Ten Worst Christmas Gifts Ever


The Worst Christmas Presents EVER!


Ok, it’s that time of the year and most of you (if you already haven’t) are starting to get the Christmas Shopping done in time for Christmas.


What you may not realize is that there are some gifts that you will give out this year – which turn out to be the WORST present to give someone – period!


We asked some of our readers to tell us about the worst gift they have ever been given and we put all these results together to give you the top 10!


I would, however first like to bring up the first item, the ‘Diet book!’

Now let’s face it giving someone a diet book for Christmas can be seen as insulting and to be frank would ‘p……. me off!!’


Here’s our readers top 10 items you should avoid giving this Christmas…


  1. Food: People cannot afford their own?


  1. Underwear: This is too personal. What if you give a lady underwear that is far too

small? (Going back to the diet book… uuuffff!!)


  1. Door Mat: Why would I want to open a nicely wrapped pressie on Christmas

morning…. Just to find a door mat?!!!!


  1. Makeup: Tells someone “you’re ugly!|”


  1. Bubble Bath: Says “you’re smelly!”


  1. Jumper: A matching jumper for you and your brother which just spells out

Grandma bought me this!’


  1. Socks: Seems to the first thing that the older generation buy for you – what

happens? You end up with 20 million pairs of socks at which none of them match your clothes you already have!


  1. Facebook: Nobody wants a Facebook points card! Not even Mark Zuckerburg

pretends that Facebook is still cool!



  1. Goldfish: Why? It’s just going to die!


  1. Shark: Ahhhh the radio controlled flying shark…. This inflatable remote-control

aircraft will never die of old age, though sharp objects could bring it to an untimely end and nobody really wants it anyway. Either way, it will be much less tragic than flushing Nemo down the toilet!



Happy Shopping!



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