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Ten Destinations For the Summer Holidays


Do you already have plans for the summer? If the answer is “No.”, we can help you change that! Let’s see some of the best places you can visit during this season..

The Maldives

Just imagine being there. By yourself, with friends or your significant other. You can stay at the four star hotel and enjoy yourself, or swim among the tropical fish 80 feet underwater.


Bora Bora

The magical island, given the nickname “The Romantic island” is the place you should go to if you are looking for isolated beaches, intimate hotels and a relaxing atmosphere. 


Lanikai beach – Hawaii

Half a mile covered in sparkling sand, surrounded by coral reefs and crystal clear water. Can you imagine being there, under the endless sunshine? I sure do!


Lord Howe Island

Do you like adventures? How about making a trip to Australia? You can explore all you want, surrounded by the wild life on both the island and the water. If you would like to go on an adventure, this is the perfect place!



Another beautiful city, simply fascinating. There is so many sightseeing to do, that I would probably need an year to explore the whole new territory!




The city of love and romance. The only place where you can travel through the whole town by riding a boat. If you fancy the romantic atmosphere and do not have seasickness, you should definitely visit Venezia!



Are you a party person? Do you feel more alive when the sun sets down? Then Ibiza is definitely the place for you! Beaches, cocktails, loud music and sweet temptations.



Clear water, absolute tranquillity, surrounded by the sea. What is there more to wish for, after being in the busy city for a whole year?



Do you like shopping, walking around an unknown city and being surrounded by many people? Istanbul is one of the places you should definitely go to! Not only is this city amazing, but also there are many places one must visit!



Skiing in the summer? Going to the beach when it’s snowing? Crazy, huh? Well, Dubai can give you everything you want, no matter what the season is!



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