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Tattoos are forever!


We see some tattoos and the first initial thought is what were you thinking?

Then we have an after thought that makes us wonder if some people actually realise that tattoos are permanent!

We must admit some tattoos are super cute but then theres some that, emmm, arent!

We take a look at some folks who, failed big time and should be getting laser removal treatment instead of more tattoos!

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Im not really sure what this is supposed to be, but really? ALL over your face?!

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Make-up is less permanent y’know!

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Definetly NOT ‘Mr Cool!’

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Just tell her verbally!

 images (12)

Hello Kitty! On a man? Really?!

 images (13)

Permanent make up gone slightly wrong

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Seriously! What the hell is that? Freaky!

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Not easier to get a copy book and write your receipe down?!

So there you have it some weird and wonderfuls!

Whats your thoughts? Do tell!



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