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Surprising Braided Hairstyle


Women love surprises. Especially the pleasant ones. I know that men love them too, but they are more careless about surprises, they are Ok if they get surprises, and  they are Ok again if the surprises doesn’t come. But women, well, we are not Ok, when the surprising and romantic gestures doesn’t come.

But when you are a free agent for a while, you should provide yourself small surprises to pamper your mood. For instance, an interesting hairstyle. I’ll show you this one and you will decide if it will match your style. Take a look:

  • Brush your hair nice and smooth and divide it into three sections – back (the largest) and both equal sides, right and left.
  • Make a beautiful braid out of the back side, Fishbone style or inverse Fishbone style.
  • Then take two strands from the side sections of hair that you’ve separated earlier and clip them to the back of the braid.
  • Take another two strands and clip them again. Keep doing that routine until attach the all the hair from the sides.
  • Wrap them around the braid and secure with bobby pins.

All done! You can see the great effect. The braid is slightly showing underneath the veil of hair.

When you look your face in front, you look simple and casual, but the surprise at the back is sophisticated and great. So, when you walk by and someone looks at you, and when he will turn back to see you from behind, he will be surprised by the gorgeous hairstyle you have.

A Tip: This hairstyle will look great if your hair is slightly curled, if the hair is straight and flat, it won’t have the same effect. So, back-comb the roots and make some soft curls with the hair dryer or make a few braids the night before you want to make this hairstyle.

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