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Surgically Implanted Eye Jewelry: WEIRD


This borderline insane. Not, scratch that – it’s totally insane. Why would anyone get Hello Kitty surgically (and might I add, permanently) implanted in their eyes? For what reason? I cannot even slightly come close to what the thought process behind that might have been. I know Hello Kitty is total craze, especially in Asia – where you see it everywhere – on airplanes, in taxis, but now – in eyes?! This eye implant craze is called the ‘Safesight Jewelry’ procure and it is offered by one man in the world and one man only – that is, Dr. Emil Chynn of Park Avenue Laser Vision in New York. If this guy was in Asia, he’d make a killing. The procedure is basically making an incision in your sclera and implanting the platinum jewelry into your eye (platinum because it is more dormant than gold – which may move once it’s in the eye). The Dr. says there’s no risks, but doctors say all kinds of crap. But hey, each to their own. Check out these pics and tell us what you think…


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