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Suede shoes for the autumn


Fashion designers worldwide this fall advise women to wear suede shoes . Suede shoes , suede shoes, suede ” shoes ” – all models are suede fashion this spring. Instead of traditional black shoes with heels for the office, we can look stylish with suede models in gray , purple or burgundy . Models with square to very sharp heels in contrasting colors – all suede shoes will be a hit this season. Feminine details like bows , pleats and lace are perfect for combining with  dresses, jeans and trousers.

But cleaning suede shoes has always been a difficult task. Here are some tips on how to protect and clean suede shoes

1. Apply protective spray that will protect them from water. 2 . If possible, do not soak suede shoes. So if it rains , Put on others. 3 . However, if it gets wet, never dry them with a hair dryer or stove. Wipe them with a cloth and let them dry on their own. Then clean them with a brush for suede. 5 . If suede is damaged , hold the shoes on steam and the skin will recover. 6 . Always apply a small amount of detergent for suede, as large quantities can damage the skin. 7 . To remove the stain dry , use a fine brush and wet – wet cloth . But do not forget – Never use pressure on the skin ! 8 . In stubborn dry patches you can rub with a pencil eraser .

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