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Straight Eyeliner On Small Mobil Eyelid


For applying eyeliner you should know by now that there are different techniques, depending on your eye shape.

You have to be careful when you put your eyeliner on, because not all types of liners look good on different eye shapes! You have to be very careful, because as the eyeliner can accent your eyes, it might backfire and go bad for your whole image. You don’t want to end up looking like a panda, right?

Not only is the eye shape important, but you must also find which eyeliner type is the best for your eye. For example, I feel comfortable with a pencil liner, but some people make they eyes look brilliant with the liqiud or gel one. It’s all up to technique and practice!

So, if your eyelids are small and mobil, you should continue reading, because I will share with you a small technique for such a shape.

Trace your classic line on your upper lid, making it a little bit wider at the corner of your eye. With your eye open, continue the line, drawing the peak of it. Connect it with the classic line so it is not in a “comma” form.

The last step is optional. With a thin brush, draw a small line over your classic one as shown below. It’s all for the effect, if you do not feel comfortable with it you can pass it.

Good luck!




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