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Step By Step Contouring


Face contouring is not an easy task and many girls do need time until they start doing it the right way. In general, there are 6 basic steps, which you need to follow, but it is very important to know your face shape very well, as well as your skin tone, in order to match the color of the products you`ll be using.

1. Apply foundation – this is where most women stop. They just apply foundation or BB cream and they assume, they are ready. But actually it`s just the beginning

2. Use a highlighter to highlight specific zones onto the face. As you can see the model does it very precisely

3. Contour. That`s where it gets difficult, but don`t be scared, just follow the natural lines of the highlighted areas

4. Ready , Steady, Go!

5. Use a clean brush and carefully blend the two tones

6. The final step is the blush. Apply on the cheekbones with clean brush and you are ready

Finish you with a glamorous eye makeup and juicy lips!



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