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Solutions For Your Weight Loss Challenges


So loosing weight is a very popular topic. People have been struggling to get to their goal weight. And let’s be honest. It is a tought job.

Instead of working for a perfect health and an amazing body, we tend to make excuses. And that is not the way to live a perfect and well balanced life.

There is a solution to any excuse you could ever thing of for not beeing able to loose weight. And here are some:

No time!

This one is very common with people who work and have children and many more. But actually no one really does have time for anything, literally. By using this excuse you could actually get out of anything – at least in your mind.

The Solution: Only one thing could help – SCHEDULE IT! It might sound fun and strange, because you are not a 3rd grader, but that is the one and only way. If you have a week planner or some app on your phone get to it – write it down. That way you have that time for sport and you will not always find something more important than it.

Low budget!

The excuse with not having enough money for a membership for a gym or whatever is more valid than any other, because let’s face it a gym membership isn’t cheap at all. But…

The Solution: First of all there are many discounts you can get. Especially in the beginning of the year (end of January) is the perfect time to get that. Also if you are working some health plans give you sround 20$ a month for a year if you attend a gym! And this is good and helpful. Also you can always go online, find a routine you like and do it at home. No one said that it is a necessity to be at an actual gym!

No motivation!

The missing motivation is an awful problem, because if we have to be honest, if you don’t want something you won’t do the efforts to get it. There are people who live only to be at the gym and be active and do exercise. And so there should be something you could so, so that you feel the same or a similar way.

The Solution: If you don’t have the needed lust for exercise, but you want to find it, that is good start. Try to find out why is that! Once you ask yourself million quiestions you will know why you want to loose weight. Is it for a helathier life? Is it to look better in bikini? …? After you identify an answer you will be more motivated. If not just start and try to stick to it 21 days. Anything done for 21 days in a row becomes a habit and then you will just be used to it.

Can’t eat healhty!

Really? Really? Yes, we all love chocolate, sugar, fries and coke. But…there are ways to change what we crave for something way more healthy. So what is the problem, you just can’t say good bye to the awful food ?

The Soltution #1: Try that – eat healthy 6 days a week. Do things like watching the portions. Don’t eat after 8 p.m. And also cut the sugar and fast food. Then have one day of the week (whichever you decide) that you can eat anything you crave. Of course don’t eat 2kg of fries and 10 boxes of chocolate, but still. Enjoy some cravings! That way you will reduce the mind stress of not eating what you love.

Another excuse I have heard quite a lot is again connected to budget – people think that eathing healthy is expensive. Well as a whole it could be. But there are ways around that.

The Solution #2: Go into some local farmer’s markets. Those usually take places on saturdays. Also do your research know what are the prices at different shops for an actual item. Plus a lot of supermarkets have discounts every week on some different products. You could easily watch that and go buy the chepaer thing. Plus you just have to go for food that is in season. No matter what seson it is, there is loads of food to choose from.



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