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Smoky Eyes


I love to experiment with the style of my makeup, that’s why I’ll present you one of my favorite and I hope you’ll like it – Smoky eye makeup.

The Smokey makeup style is generally heavy makeup, supposed to be worn at parties or special occasions, but if you adjust it to your need it will look great. Just try to switch the traditional black eyeshadow with some other lighter color. How about pink or pale purple. I think that it will be perfect for a date or some casual appointment. It will give you a dreamy look. Here is what you have to do:

After you’ve prepared your face with a base, foundation or just light BB cream, according to your needs, you should start preparing your eyes for the eyeshadows. First of all apply concealer if you have dark under eye shadows, because these shades are giving you a tired look, you’ll want to get rid of them for sure. After you are done with the concealer, put on an eyeshadow base on your eyelids. It will prepare the lid for the shadows.

Now you’ll need soft, pale brown from the palette – apply with a brush over the crease and blend it in with fingers or clean brush as you are pulling the color out of the eye – at the outer corner of it.

Now put on pale pink, almost white in the inner corner of the eye, going just to the center of the lid. Blend in again, but be sure that you are not hiding the creamy color at the crease.

Now take the pink eyeshadow and apply it at the outer half of the eyelid. Be sure that you are not going too far from the outer corner of the lid. Blend in with a soft brush, so you will make the color look more pastel and not so bright. You can apply brown eyeliner, but stay away from the black one.

Highlight the brow bone and put on mascara.

Now you have to deal with the rest of the makeup. Define your eyebrows by shaping and filling them with the same color brow pencil and brush. Put on some soft, natural pink lip gloss or lipstick and your makeup is done. Now you are ready to enjoy your day while wearing a perfect, daily, smoky eye makeup. Have fun!


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