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Smoky Eyes For Warm Days


Do you remember the warmth of the summer days? I bet you do, when you are under the warm and soft sheets of your bed, dreaming about sunny hot beaches. Do you remember the colors of the sun? Bright sunrises, romantic sunsets and dreamy night sky sprinkled with sparkly stars, which reflect in your young eyes. Beautiful memories, aren’t they?

I want to show you an eye makeup design, which combines all of these memories only with the help of some colors and the smoky effect. Take a look:

  • When you like to wear eyeshadows on your lids, you have to put some money on good quality beauty products, because the results will be great only when the canvas is well prepared. So, I think you already guessed what I am talking about – the primer. Just like you prime your face and your nails, your lids need that step too, especially when you want to apply two or more layers of eyeshadows. When the layers are two, the chance of smudging and gathering at the crease gets bigger and the primer eliminates that chance, because it works as a barrier between the oily skin and the eyeshadows.
  • So, the primer is set and absorbed, you have to take care of the brows. Shape them and fill them in with the same color as the color of the hairs. Highlight the brow bone too.
  • Then you will need colors from the orange palette. Apply light orange to the outer corner of the lid, above the crease, and darker to the inner half, again above the crease. Merge them together with a blending brush.
  • Now, cover the lid with black eye shadow. Use one with pearl effect. Smudge the edges and enhance the bottom lash line.
  • Finish the look with a coat of mascara and some eyeliner. Highlight the inner corner of the eye.

All done! Enjoy the reminder of the soft and warm summer nights.



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