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Single people wear crappy shoes


Striped sneakers , high heels , patent leather boots … Depending on what we are wearing , you can understand what our individuality , say U.S. experts cited by the newspaper ” Daily Express.”
According to psychologists at the University of Kansas , style , price , color and condition of the shoes are the window to the soul.
Old but impeccably maintained shoes reveal conscious type. Pleasant and polite individuals choose practical shoes, boots and issued aggressive people.
Can easily be recognized by the stylish , expensive and sometimes inadequate comfortable shoes . Liberal personalities as good old hippies wear unkempt sandals.
People with higher incomes and concerned about the type celebrities rely on the more expensive brands. Conspicuous eyes shine with bright colors are the choice of extroverts . Boring shoes issued person it is difficult to keep in touch .
For the purposes of the study psychologists showed students pictures of over 200 pairs of shoes belonging to volunteers completed personality questionnaires .
Students then had to guess the gender, age and social status of the owners of the shoes , and emotional stability.
Researchers have found that students identified with an accuracy of 90% personal characteristics of volunteers .
In the journal “Research in Personality” the study authors wrote, ” The shoes serve as a non-verbal message with symbolic content. Reveals know their diversity information about individual differences between people? Answer is ” yes. ”



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