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Simple Tricks to Prevent From Split Ends


Every woman loves her hair and she tries anything from red to a perm just to have that new look that makes her feel special. Many women prefer to have their hair long and thus suffer from one big, rather unavoidable problem, called split ends. It seems that they are part of the deal called having a long hair, but there are some tricks that every woman can use in her hair routine to prevent some of them.

First thing to do, is change the way you are used to washing your hair. When applying shampoo and/or conditioner, always remember to concentrate on applying those products at the ends in order to strengthen the hair shaft. Also, try use strengthening shampoos and conditioners whenever possible. Using such products and rinsing the hair with cold water will inevitably help seal the hair’s outer layer, making it healthy looking, strong and shiny. Once cleaned, and as a matter of fact, every day, when you brush your hair, always do so very gently. It is important to brush your hair daily, distributing the natural oils evenly from the scalp to the ends. You must be extra careful when brushing your hair straight after shower as this can cause breakage if you are not being careful with the brush. When you need to datable strands, make sure you use a wide-tooth comb so that you don’t damage the hair too much and it doesn’t hurt your scalp and head. In order to make this less painful and even better for the hair, apply a detangling spray for better managing the detangled strands. Most of those sprays also add volume and shine to the hair. An important trick to remember when untangling your hair ends is to remember to brush the hair from bottom to the top when removing any tangles. This will help avoid creating any static or frizz, which can potentially cause breakage in turn. One way to hide breakage is to use oil. Hair oils applied through the hair, up until the very ends, helps smooth out any breaks there are and also helps create a more even-looking finish of the overall hairstyle. There are argan oil based products on the market that you can choose from and apply from the mid shaft to the ends. This is the area where most of the breakage and split ends occur. Should you want to prevent oil residue, remember to pour a dollop unto your palm and then dap onto your fingertips.

One last, and perhaps most important advice is to avoid over-styling with curling irons and hair strengtheners. These are the main causes of split ends and hair damage. Should you want to and need to use those appliances, remember to protect the hair from the heat by applying leave-in conditioners. Most of those products are stocked with keratin proteins which helps coat the hair to seal breaks. Whenever you blow-dry your hair, always aim the nozzle at the roots or the mid-shaft, because the tips of the hair usually burn more easily. Thus, better leave them air dry.


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