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Simple Solutions To One Of The Biggest Shoe Problems


I think there isn’t a woman in the world who doesn’t love shoes. And what’s not to like about them – they are beautiful, stylish, come in so many different colors and styles, and make the figure of a woman very slender and beautiful. But no matter how beautiful shoes, especially high heels, are most of the time they are very uncomfortable and make our feet hurt. If you have foot problems because of the shoes, here are some simple solutions that will make your life easier and, most important, painless.


These are most likely to appear on the bottom of the feet due to friction between the feet and bottom of the shoe. To avoid blisters, line each shoe with moleskin foam, which creates a cushion. The padding absorbs friction with a layer of cotton over the foam.

Sweaty feet

Too small shoes can heat up your feet and cause blisters. To prevent this, only buy shoes at the end of the day when your feet may be swollen and tired. Save patent leather and rubber for the colder periods of the year, and go for breathable canvas and leather in warm weather. And if you’re wearing socks, choose cotton ones, rather than those with artificial materials that absorb sweat.

Arch Pain

Shoes that cause this probably don’t provide enough support in the middle of your foot. Go for wedges instead of skinny heels. Wedges distribute weight away from the ball of your foot and the shoe evenly. And when you wear heels, choose those that are shorter than three inches.

Soles Wearing Off

Dressier shoes’ soles can quickly become worn from hitting the streets, resulting in bad-looking shoes. Try sole protectors that make the shoes extra durable and slip-resistant. Add rubber soles to the bottom of the shoes to extend the life of the heels, so ask a cobbler to add rubber soles and protect your shoes.

Cuts back on his heels

Shoes that dig into the skin can be the most painful to wear. While you may think they are too tight, the problem is more likely that they are too big. Too large shoes let your feet shift around and are the biggest reason for the cuts. Consider taping the heel with pads in the back of your shoes. The cushion protects your heel from moving in and out of the shoe and the skin from getting cut.



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