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Simple Makeup Tips for Beginners


Makeup is an art that every self-respecting girl needs to master, at least to the basics. Do not think that if you put makeup on, you lack confidence in your natural beauty or you are trying to hide your true self from the world. On the contrary, makeup is a way to enhance your beauty and feel even better. Besides, it is a great way to practice your creativity: after all, it involves a sort of drawing! It is important to define your face shape and your best features at first, so that your makeup routine actually suits your looks. After that, you simply need to learn a few tricks of the trade and you will be great!

  • First of all, you need to know how to apply foundation the right way. It will even your skin tone, hide any pigmentation you dislike on your face and make your whole appearance better. You can apply it with your fingers or a brush, your choice. You just need to own a good brush if you are doing it the second way since good makeup tools are the key to an amazing look. In case you are using a brush, apply the product with downward as opposed to upward strokes. Why, you might ask? Peach fuzz, or any very tiny facial hair, grows downwards, so with any upward strokes you might make it more visible!
  • Second of all, you probably know that the key to hiding under-eye dark circles is indeed concealer. It can also fight redness, blemishes or any other pigmentation. When it comes to the area under the eyes, it is important to know that the product should be applied in either dots or in a triangular form as opposed to a half-circle shape. That way it will look more natural and it will be easier for you to blend it in.
  • Also, the cat-eye look is maybe the most everlasting and great look you could incorporate in your makeup routine. Draw the cat-eye with black liquid eyeliner at first. After that, follow with a brown liner over it and smudge it slightly with a brush to get a smoky eye effect.
  • Now that we have mentioned the smoky eye look, we want to emphasize that once you learn to do a smoky eye, there are no boundaries to your look. It is perfect for any occasion and with every set of colors. Add a shiny tint for more effect on nights out!
  • Last but not least, remember that oily skin can be a little tricky when applying makeup. It is best to purchase a good primer and always carry powder with you. These two products will make your makeup more long-lasting! Matt and creamy blushes are the best choices since they are more suitable for oily skin.

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