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Simple and Quick Makeup Tutorial


Do you want to do a quick and simple, yet impressive eye makeup? This one is suitable even for those of you who are not even close to a good makeup artist. It does not even involve a lot of colors, but its effect is great!

  1. Apply an eye makeup base for an easier application and long-lasting effect.

  2. With a big brush contour with a bronzer or a honey-colored eyeshadow the outer end of your brow bone.

  3. Apply some light pearly eyeshadow in the innter corner of your eyelid.

  4. Using a black eyeliner or a pencil-like black eyeshadow, contour your eyelid above your lash and then blur it with a flat brush.

  5. Do a little wing at the end of your eye with a very small brush.

  6. Apply some black mascara for a dramatic look.




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