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Signs You Have Partied Enough!


I dream of the weekend (like everyday!), however it never fails to amaze me that I always, always say ‘what happened last night will NEVER happen again!

Then guess what? Of course, It does!

So if you like to party, here are the top ways to know you’ve partied to hard (and you should take a bit time out!)

1. Your ‘family’ have now become the people your at the club with every weekend!

2 (8)

2. Your fridge looks like this!

3 (8)

3. You never get home before the sun starts to rise!


4. You realise that the main priority before the next night out is to cancel your instagram account due to crazy ‘in the moment pics being added’ simply that nobody should see!

 5 (8)

5. You’ve kept some of your food for the next day…. All over your clothes!

6 (4)

6. Your girlfriend / boyfriend no longer see’s you, therefore you are now officially in the single status!

Sound familiar?

…. Anyone?


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