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Signs You Actually Need To Lose Weight


You don‘t fit in your jeans anymore? Your shirts have become a bit smaller? You get easily tired and are constantly hungry? Well, no matter if you like it or not, you have gained weight! Gaining weight is normal at some point and when it‘s combined with physical exercise is something that helps your body rather than damaging it. But when weight gain is connected with junk food and lack of exercising, it may cause serious health issues with time and you need to take things under control as fast as you can. Here are some signs that you actually gained weight and need to do something about it:

You started to snore

You never have snored in your life and now, out of nowhere, you wake up your neighbor’s dog? Then you either have a breathing problem or you gained some weight. Snoring occurs when the fat around your neck narrows the airway and thus causes shallow breathing. This can be unpleasant for the people that are sleeping next to you and also to you because you aren‘t able to breathe properly.

You have high blood pressure/ high cholesterol

Take regular visit to your doctor to see if your blood pressure and cholesterol levels are normal. If he says that one of them (or both) are high and that‘s not something that runs in the family, it‘s probably because you gained some pounds. To lower the high levels, instead of taking medication and damage your body with chemicals, stop eating junk food and start moving – losing some pounds isn‘t that hard if you‘re consistent!

Your bones hurt

If your knees, back and hips hurt it‘s not because you are sick or just tired – it‘s because the bend from the weight they have to carry and they start to hurt! Don‘t make your body uncomfortable and hit the gym right away. If you have this symptom it‘s OK, but when you add the constant tiredness, the high blood pressure, your appetite and the other health problems you have/ will have, weight gain can really your body, immune system and health if you don‘t do something about it.

You are always hungry

There are 2 reasons for being always hungry – eating bad food and gaining weight. In both cases, you should stop and think what you‘re doing to your body with this type of lifestyle. Being hungry all the time is a symptom for type 2 diabetes which you can get if you don‘t control your weight gain. Other symptoms are blurry vision, constant thirst and numbness in your legs and hands. If it‘s not because of the diabetes, it‘s because the junk food you eat. Candy, popcorn and chips won‘t give you the vitamins you need to stay healthy and won‘t give that sensation of fullness you get after a healthy meal. Instead of buying biscuits and candy, buy some salad and see the difference!


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