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Shoes for Women with Problem Feet

Shoes for Women with Problem Feet

If your feet are oddly shaped, painful, or injured, finding a pair of comfy shoes may be a challenging task. Fortunately, there is a selection of special footwear for women with problem feet. Many women suffer from painful inflammations and swelling of the joints. The type of shoes to choose depends on the problem – callus and corns, heel spurs, hammer toes, flat feet, etc. Women with flat feet, for example, should opt for shoes with strong arch support and thick soles. Heel cups and curved insoles reduce discomfort and help relieve pain. Women with hammer toes should opt for footwear that provides more vertical space.

If you have problem feet but insist on wearing high-heeled shoes, you can get a pair of high heels with cushioned insoles, reinforced heels, and plenty of toe room. Avoid pointed-toe and narrow shoes and opt for low heels. Look for shoes with cushioned heel counters and a deep and wide toe box. Your best bet is well-fitted, comfortable shoes that prevent toe joint and foot problems from getting worse. The best shoes for problem feet are athletic shoes and lace-ups. Avoid slip-on shoes and vinyl and plastic shoes.



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