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Shoes Can Reveal A Lot of Secrets


Whenever I meet a new person, I always look down at their shoes. At first I did not know why exactly my mind would decide to do something like that, but as time passed I came to the conclusion that the shoes are a very important detail for the person. They can tell us a lot about the person before us, much more then they themselves would share, to be honest.

So, now, let’s see what would the seven most mainstream shoe types tell us?


The woman wearing them is humble likes wearing comfortable and cheaper shoes. The trending fashion does not interest her much, all she cares about is convenience.


These shoes show modesty as well and underline the fact that comfort is before the fashion, they are just simply not obsessing over it, but still like to follow whatever is trending, if it’s appealing to them.

High Heels

The women wearing high heels are beautiful and brave, gorgeous and deadly. They step forward with no fear, ready to conquer. Be carеful, I was not joking about the deadly part. Do you know what it feels like to be stepped on with a heel? Well, it hurts!

Classic Heels

These shoes scream humbleness and confidence at the same time. The classic heels speak of feminism and gentleness, which can end up being a trap.


Boots speak of comfort and warmness. However, when you wear them during the summer, it means that you actually have a personal style and are not afraid to show it.


These are the favorite shoes of many women. They are comfortable, cheap and fashionable. They can fit for every occasion and show us that the person wearing them is playful and fun. 



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