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Shoe Colors for a Lilac Dress


Lilac dresses and outfits match with shoes in different colors, including silver, gold, and white. Lilac is a difficult color to coordinate, but there are good color combinations. If you are looking for a summery color, it is better to go for white shoes. Black is a safe choice, but it looks more formal and isn’t a summery color. Another option is to combine your lilac dress with bright colored court heels. You can go for bright green or teal or if you prefer neutral colors, you can pair your dress with shoes in nude or dark grey. Other color combinations include lilac and cream and lilac and silver metallic.


As a rule, you can match colors from the cool color department with tones from the warm color department. You should also find accessories to complement your outfit. One idea is to get floral hair accessories in cream or white. Silver is another option as it looks shiny and glazed. You can combine your lilac dress with a silver necklace and metallic silver strappy sandals. Silver is stylish, flattering, and refreshing and goes well with lilac outfits. Gold shoes and sandals look wrong with a lilac dress.






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