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Secrets that your favorite shoes reveal about you!


Our obsession – shoes! The only thing that could be more favourite than chocolate and diamonds! Imagine what they would say about you if they could talk!

High heels

You know very well that the constant bravado of these towering shoes over the world will bring you pain in the back and legs.
If you can not stop wearing your favorite high heels everywhere, then you’re impulsive, confident in your sexiness and love to brandish your sexuality.

Flat shoes

If you prefer flat shoes or ballerinas at high current,
others maybe perceive you as kind and good-natured, and in the eyes of most men you look a tender and delicate woman. Also a person who is opposed to big changes. Wearing flat shoes symbolize that love to wear new clothes constantly!


Love to wear sneakers in bright colors, whether its a short dress or shopping bags?
That does not make you less feminine! Women who combine comfortable sneakers with different clothes are emotionally stable.

The nice thing about platforms  is they learn how to show your charms, feet firmly on the ground.
Women who love these shoes are rushing forward and love power. Also appreciate the security and confidence in their relationships.


If you’re into the boots you are probably restrained and less self-centered , distrustful and prefer to do things by yourself rather than rely on others. Also smart and sensitive person. Your personal relationships are very important to you, but you do not tolerate anyone’s boorish behavior.


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