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Secrets That My Body Reveals?


 You would have no idea of the secrets your body can actually reveal to your surroundings without even voicing them out!

For example, did you know that with your chest size you can actually measure your intelligence level? Well, it does sound weird, but a test has been done to prove that. Many women with variating cup size have been invited to make an IQ test and the results show us that the women with bigger breasts have scored about 10 points higher than the others.

The belly button can help us see if you will be a faster runner or a better swimmer. How, you may say? Well, it depends on the center of the belly button – the center of gravity. Those, whose belly button is higher, can be better runners, due to the fact that the center indicates wether your legs or your torso is longer. For the swimmers the lower belly button shows us that their torso is longer, which basically makes them perfect for swimming.

The natural ginger hair color is actually a reason why their holders can feel more pain than the others. It has been revealed that the same genetic mutation, which is reasoning the ginger hair, has a connection with the brain process of pain. Researches show us that when people who have this kind of mutation need more anaesthesia during surgical operations, especially in the area of the mouth.

Your eyes can give you directions on the sport you might be better at. It has been revealed, that darker-colored people are better at sports which require quick reactions and faster thinking. The light-colored, however, have a better accuracy, which makes them good at spots such as golf, bowling, and any kind of sport in general, where you have to direct something by yourself and throw it, kick it, shoot it and etc.

Look at the mirror and focus on your eyebrows. If they look quite sparsed, than I would advise you to go to the doctor and get your thyroid checked. The thinning eyebrow hair has been a sign for the Hashimoto’s disease for quite some time now. It is not obligatory for you to have this sickness, but do it just in case. Periodical health examinations are a must for all of us.

See? There is so much our body gives out, we just have to pay attention to it. It almost looks like a type of body language, but informational.


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