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Scents You Love, But He Hates


You know how you feel good when you put on your perfume. You feel more sexy and alive. As much as we love some scents, it turns out that instead of making man enjoy us more, they hate some of them. And although we wish that wasn’t true it is.

First of all some women over do it with the perfume. You only need two drops, so that you smell nicely the whole day. Don’t spritz more than two or in the worst case three times. Otherwise you will drive back guys and other people as a whole.

So what are the scents that he so much hates?

  • Chocolate
    So, don’t worry. This one doesn’t applies to all of hem guys. Just ask your man how does he feel about that scent. 

    Although as much as it is sweet and you love it, a lot of men think tha chocolate is way too heavy of a scent and it doesn’t feel right for them. If the chocolate is combined with some vanilla thought, they kind of like – so this is where your saviour is if you love it too much!

  • Lavender
    For us women it is a fresh and beautiful aroma. People say that it calms down.

    For guys though the things don’t feel exactly the same way. They would prefer it if you didn’t use it. No matter if it is in your perfume,candles or anything else. It is better to avoid soaps and softeners, because the guy in your life will feel it and he won’t appreciate the smell.

  • Rose
    We love how roses smell. We love receiving them as a gift in a bouquet. And as a whole I think we love all of the scents of the flowers. But how do guys feel about that?
    They don’t love the rose smell that it is in the perfumes. They don’t mind the flowers, but the etherical oils that are put in most perfumes is not a favorite for many man. They would actually prefer a jasmine or orchid smell in your perfume. For them those scents make you appear more sensual and sensitive and the like it.

  • Honey
    Honey is a great thing for tea, good health, lemonade. But as a scent – not really. Although it is an ingredient in many lip balms, because it has great healing powers, it is also a very two sided thing.
    Honey is sometimes used in perfumes also. And as much as you might like it while choose a perfume, it is not for every woman, nor every man. Before getting any product with that scent first ask for a sample, so that you could apply it (spritz it if it is a perfume) and check how it feels in a couple of hours. You might not like it too. One thing is for sure – man don’t!



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