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Say Goodbye to The Foundation Smudges


I’m sure that you are pulling and stretching your tops when you are changing clothes just to prevent the clothes from getting some foundation marks.

But don’t worry, there are several tricks and tips to handle with this problem. Check them out:

Prepare your face. First of all your face skin shoud be well moisturized. Your foundation will not stay on your face if it’s not clean and prepared. You should take care of the skin way before the foundation time. Let’s start from the beginning. At least once a week exfoliate your skin and clean it daily. And remember to apply moisturizer before applying anything else on your skin. It’s better for you if your moisturizer contains sunscreen.

The primer. I often write about the primer. I don’t want to annoy you with it, but it’s really essential and if I remind you often you won’t forget about it. It creates an invisible layer that plays the role of a protector to outside products and elements. If you apply primer before the foundation your look will be perfectky finished. The primers have long lasting formula which resist against humidity, sweat and water. It also has the skill to avoid smudges and smears.

Seal the deal. When your foundation is right on place and your eyes are defined and perfect, matching the lips, it comes the time to set. The best way to seal the deal is setting spray or powder. You can use some translucent or invisible powder, which is designed to keep the skin fresh and shinge-free.

But the trouble is already there. Now we know how to protect our clothes from the foundation stains, but what about the clothing that is already damaged? Most of the foundations are oil-based and that means that you should not try to remove it right away with water. First of all tap on the stain with some paper towel. After that apply some dish soap and let it work for five minutes. After that rinse gentle with water and the stain is gone.


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