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Rules to Follow when Applying Lipstick


Did you know that lips are one of the most attractive female body parts? No wonder that women focus on them so much, whether it is with makeup or with surgical help! There are great tricks to make your lips look fuller and sexier, if you do not feel confident enough in them. Makeup is the easiest and most affordable way to do it! Here are our recommendations:


  • Pick between strong eyes and strong lips. Brightly colored lipstick is best combined with a more softer eye makeup. However, the latest trends are diverging from traditional style and allow applying red lipstick and a smoky eye, for example. Still, wear strong makeup in the evening, in clubs or at parties, because it would look slightly inappropriate in the office.
  • If you apply a line of gloss on the lower lip since it will add a little volume to it. The upper lip is usually thinner, so don’t worry about that.
  • When you apply lipstick, start in the middle towards the ends. Apply it in slight strokes. This method reduces the risk of mistakes or smudging.
  • Be careful with lip liner. It could be a great friend, but also cause problems. The color doesn’t have to be the same; on the contrary, it needs to be just one shade darker than the lip color. You can contour your lips with it and create a more emphasized shape, but do not create an entirely new one: it will look unnatural and silly!
  • Be careful with different shades: red lipstick does not look good on everyone, for instance. Take into account things like your hair color and face tan.
  • Take good care of your lips apart from make up: weekly exfoliation and daily moisturizing are just the basics that will make your lips look even better and definitely make the application of lipstick easier!
  • Even if you are the biggest fan of lipstick, leave it alone at least one day per week. Dead cells need to be removed and you will take a break from stains on glasses!




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