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Rules of the Wedding Dresscode


As the warmer months have come, the frequency of weddings has grown too. Attending a wedding is very fun, especially depending on how close the bride or groom is to you. However, the celebration can be ruined for you if your outfit is not appropriate. And weddings are not the place to mess it up. There are a few simple rules and tips we could give you, so that you avoid any possible issues:


White lace? Sound Familiar? Well, yes, that is the braid’s thing, while you should avoid it. As much as we love white on tanned skin, go for something else and don’t steal the bride’s spotlight.

One sexy element at a time, please. Weddings should be sophisticated events (unless they are organized differently: everyone has their own preferences) and you should not be wearing a maneater, Friday-night outfit, as much as you want to meet someone at the party. Choose between a low neckline, a short hemline, a low-back, body con fit, etc. First of all, the bride does not the attention to her. Second of all, you need to look respectful and classy. It is rarely a sign of good taste to reveal too much skin at such places.

Pay attention to the invitation for any information about any specifics on the dress-code or the venue. It might be a “black-tie” or a “beach-chic” type of wedding. Always think about the fact that it is better to look appropriate. Imagine you are meeting a relative, your future employer and the man of your dreams at once. What would be the best choice for all of these cases?

Avoid the bridesmaids colors. If you do not want to have to explain several times that you barely know the bride or that you are not at all a bridesmaid, don’t choose a coral, grey, purple or navy dress. Or simply ask the bride (if you are close) what the bridesmaids will be wearing and choose a different shade.

Over-dressed, not under-dressed, is better! Just forget about jeans, tank tops and shorts for the day. Dresses, skirts (not too short, of course) or, if it is necessary, formal pants are key. Add a nice elegant top and a pair of heels or ballerina flats and you won’t make a mistake.



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