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Royalties and Hollywood Moms-to-Be Love High Heels


Many celebs and royalties wear high heels when heavily pregnant. Look at Kate Middleton,

for example. Seeing her wearing towering heels sparked a conversation about whether it is
a good idea to wear high heels while pregnant. It is not. You may hurt the baby because the
center of gravity shifts, experts warn. Foot and back pain and difficulty walking are signals
that it is time to go to a low heel.

Other celebs also choose stilettos over comfortable flats. Kim Kardashian and Jessica
Simpson are among the stiletto-wearing Hollywood beauties. But we have seen them wearing
flats as well. Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian are now treating their feet with kindness.
Celebrities such as Busy Philipps have bought their first pair of flats and dumped their tight
fitting dresses. Comfortable footwear is a better choice than super high heels, and Hollywood
hotties opt for comfy flats. But you will also see stars gracing the red carpet in towering
stilettos. Tori Spelling, Sarah Drew, Alyson Hannigan, and Jennifer Garner… to name a few.
Nothing will stop them from wearing super high, uncomfortable heels, even their advanced
pregnancy. After all, it feels good to look gorgeous when very pregnant.


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