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Romantic Day & Night Black and Pink Eye Makeup


Pink is not your enemy when it comes to make up. It is not “too girly” or “Barbie style”, especially when combines with black coloured eyeshadows and stylish outfit.

Do you dare to try it? Yes? No? May be?

Ok, we have an idea – this is a tutorial, which will show you the step by step process to getting a super stylish, romantic makeup, combining pink and black in two versions – for the day and for the night.

Start by lining the upper eyelid with a thin, black line. Continue by applying some black eyeshadow into the outside corner of the upper eyelid, then a layer of pink shadow onto the whole eyelid, going a little bit above the crease. Then add some pearl shadow into the inner corner, to brighten the look. Finish up with mascara and you are ready to start your day!

However, if you want to add some drama and make your look deep and seductive for a night out, then please accept the challenge and continue.

Make a small black wing using liner and eyeshadow, as shown on the picture. With a clean brush apply some more pink around the eyelid area. Blend and smudge a little bit, then use the black liner again and line the whole eye carefully. This will make the look more dramatic and if that`s what you want, you are on the right track. Finish up with false lashes and mascara!

The pink and black makeup is a combination, suitable for a wide variety of occasions, so don`t miss the opportunity to try it!



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