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Recycle, recycle, recycle!


We all know that we can re-use items to make wonderful things.

I decided to take a look through some resources to see what can really be made by recycling items you already have at home from old flowers to tin pots.

Believe me the results were breathtaking!

Here’s a look at some items you can use ALL by using recycled items (even the designers are doing it!)

Use this... To make ——————————————>                        THIS!!

download (2) (14)         download (30)

download (3) (13)

  download (1) (13)

download (4) (13)                    images (37)

download (5) (9)                images (1) (16)

download (8) (3)       images (5) (13)

There you have it!

Pretty much anything can be recycled to start your DIY projects now! 🙂


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