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Quick techniques for beauty in the morning


When you are late for work in the morning and do not have time to make-up in peace , but still want to look good , you can test some of the following tips that will give you .
If your face is swollen , as you can easily get around this, rinse it several times with cold water.
This will give you and awake and refreshed .
Moisturize the skin well with an appropriate serum or cream.
So would a moisturizer , ” wake up ” and ready for the day.
Not necessarily you apply foundation , especially if you have no time , but you can put some powder as to smooth complexion and hide small imperfections.
To make eyes really expressive and eyelashes are long and beautiful , you can put powder on eyelids and hair before applying mascara .
So it will be retained for longer eyelashes , and will stain even the smallest hairs and bright , creating the effect of a thick and beautiful eyelashes.

With cotton buds is very easy to clean with smudged mascara on eyes that are extremely annoying and happens just like when most rapidly.
To keep the shadows longer eyelids again you can apply make-up powder before them.
Gloss or lip balm do a great job to lips look soft , not dry, with skins and white .
When you ‘re late for work, the last thing you have time , it is our hair . Do not waste time pulling with hammers , kneading foam , etc., but simply lift the hair elastic or barrette , if short put her tiara or hairpins to cater to the protruding ends .
As to rush, do not forget to spray a little perfume. However, it is the individual style of each woman.



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