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Protect Your Eyes!


We all apply make up and products to our face daily. Our skin should be protected and we must take good care of it. But the same thing applies for the eyes. Because you know – mascara can be dangerous!

Probably you know the right steps for keeping your eyes in a good shape – take of your make up, wash your eyes, don’t spend too much time using technology and loads more. But did you know there was a lot more that could be done and most people haven’t really thought about that? There are some rules when it comes to eye make up that you should go buy!

Three months!

So every product has an expiration date. And probably they could last for years. But the reality is that nothing that you apply directly on your eyes shoould ne used for more than 3 months afer the first appliance. Liquid make up and mascaras can harm your eyes and cause infections. So how do you keep track of what has passed those three months? Well start keeping track – just put the dates you started using a new product in your calendar. That way you won’t loose track and your eyes will live a healthier life!


So your eye pencil should be sharp – at all times. Sometimes you might grab something, put it in your bag, so that you can use it to change from day to night make up, but it turns out it isn’t sharp enough. What happens next – well wood is a rought material and probably you irritate your eyes. Not having a sharp pencil and when it gets older you have to apply much pressure, which literally is scratching.

No mix and match!

Mixing and matching is good for clothes and other stuff, but not so much for make up. Putting anything that is not meant for you eyes on them can cause you problems. And also putting lip pencil for example on your lids is gross. Why would you do that, when there are perfect products meant for the eye? So, keep that one in mind and apply eye products on eye and lip products on lips!

Sample safely!

When you go to department stores like Sephora or Mac or whatever you usually try out the products before buying them. But when a consultant is applying tester make up on your face do you observe well if the sample is cleaned before applied and also if they use new applicators? If you don’t it is about time you started. Comestic products are not made to be shared. So, keep that one in mind and always ask for fresh applicators.


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