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Proportions of The Ideal Nose


Nowadays, if you don’t like the way you look of you feel uncomfortable with any part of your body, it can easily be fixed. More and more people use the help of plastic surgery in these cases – for some of them is a necessity (especially if you live in Hollywood), others say that they would use it only if they have a serious medical reason to do so. But any of this matters because it’s a fact that the plastic surgery business is worth billions of dollars and it’s not going to stop making money!

No matter of the pros and cons of plastic surgery, more and more men and women take advantage of it. And the most common surgery that doctors all over the world do is not the breast implants one, but rhinoplasty!

According to a recent study, when a woman’s nose is snub, she looks more feminine and beautiful. Scientists say that the ideal nose, according to women, is one that forms a 106 degree angle with the lips and the forehead. The results of this study were posted in the Daily Telegraph. Noses that are turned up more than 90 degree look better than noses that point down. The specialists that have started the search for the “ideal nose” say that the results may not be accurate for the different ethnic groups. They say that they have conveyed the research using pictures of caucasian  young women with a 106 degree angled nose. This is the first research that arrives to a conclusion how does the ideal nose look, but it isn’t the first research on the question made.

The study was conducted with the help of 106 volunteers. Specialists showed all of the volunteers digital portraits of women where only the noses were changed. The volunteers chose the women with the 106 degree angle as the most feminine and most beautiful. There was an online poll and around 400 of the people who took it chose the same types of women. Men too have ideal measurements – the results show that the most attractive nose was the one with e 90 degree angle. The reason is that these types of noses were the most masculine and powerful, experts say.

Unfortunately, these results won’t be very helpful to plastic surgeons as they have to take into consideration the other features of the face. In the study are shown some of the celebrities that have the “perfect nose”, like Kate Beckinsale and Scarlet Johansson.


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