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Printed Colorful Pants: Yes or No?


All women know how hard it is to pick the perfect jeans or trousers, so that they make you look slim and fit, as opposed to adding extra volume to your thighs. As we now, white trousers or any other lightly colored pants are not the most slimming ones as opposed to black or dark jeans. And all this gets even more confusing when we stumble upon the printed pants trend. Florals, geometrical paterns, and all kinds of other designs are very “in” right now, but how can we make them work if they seem a little bold for us? Sometimes even thin girls can look slightly out of proportion and not feel comfortable in such pants. If you want to want to appear slim and still rock a printed pair, why not try a dark design with a gentle pattern over it? Or combine them with high heels?


Take a look at how the bloggers have been incorporating the printed pants trend and decide for yourself if you like it or not!

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