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Prepare for the Fall


We’ll miss the summer, but the fall is about to come really soon. There is something really positive about the fall arrival – new fashion trends. It’s always a pleasure to restore your closet and enjoy the new fashion trends. The fall of 2014 will be overloaded with brownish colors. Prepare to fall inlove with this color, because the combinations will look amazing on you.

You can both match an entire brown outfit or just add brownish detail to your look to soften or warm an otherwise edgy outfit. The brown is the new black for this fall. It brings warmth to your look and also is a reminder for the lovely summer and sping sunny afternoons.

The creamy and brownish tones are preferable choice of 70’s fashion and home decor, but since 2010 runways we were convinced that it’s the color that we should all be wearing this upcoming autumn.

Why do we prefer the brown exactly at Fall? It reminds us the pictures of rich garden soil, textured tree bark and the golden-colored autumn leaves. Some people will say that the brown is blanding you out, but when you browse the following pictures of outfit combinations, which are everything but bland. Remeber also that the brown shades will look great onto your summer tan.

How about this sporty Zara pants, which can play the role of brown accent of your outfit. You can combine them with denim jacket and flat sport shoes. Now you can see the the outstanding look that you can get out of brown colored clothes.

zara pants

Image: Zara

Here is an example of how you can use the brown as a contrast to draw attention to favorite outfit item – your red shoes plus red lips. Add to that great animal-printed bag and you are ready for the office or just casual meeting with friends.

Beautiful young brunette in the leather jacket

Image : Fotolia © Studio Kwadrat

This is a way to play around with different tones of the brown all in one outfit. Match the scarf with the boots and the color will do its work without any problem.

You can adapt the brown also in your office look. Just add some animal print as an accent and prepare to get many compliments about your choice of formal outfit.

One more office look. Add some golden accessories to the brown components of the outfit and you will be amazed by the result you will get after all:

Model mit Handtasche

You can find this color everywhere – footwear, bags, accessories, clothes and whatever you think of. Don’t pass trough the brown section of the store. It has it’s reason to be out there and hurry up, because the good stuff will fly away as the coldish days come closer. Put on your comfy shoes and start rocking the stores. Your wardrobe will thank you after all, and more importantly – you will be satisfied with the result of the Brown fashion trend for Fall 2014.


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