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I recently cut my hair really short. I like it that way, but I had to say goodbye to all the gorgeous hairstyles for long hair, which is not so bad, because there are many great hairstyles for short hairs too, but they seem a little bit like a compromise with the fact that your long hair is gone. I often watch tutorials for long-hair styles and I think of the time when my hair will grow long again. While I was browsing, I found this one. It is simple, well known, but yet – it looks stunning. Take a look:

Soft, wavy curls + lifted bangs = Amazing hairstyle.

  • Whenever you want to use a heat on your hair in order to stylize it, always apply a thermal protector. The heat is very harmful for the hair and if you don’t take precautions, there is a bigger chance to damage the hair. After the thermal protector is set, you have to apply a stylizing mouse in order to enjoy the curls longer, especially when your hair is long. The weight of the hair is pulling the curls down and they loosen too soon than you wish.
  • Curl the whole hair with a large barrel curling wand. Take a strand and wrap it around the wand by starting at the roots and wrapping it in a spiral way. Take small sections of hair and divide the hair into layers and parts for easier work.
  • Once the curls are all done, run your fingers through the hair in order to merge the curls together.
  • Then take the bangs area of hair, back-comb it to give it a volume and pin it to the back of the hair.
  • Use a comb to smooth the top of the voluminous bangs area.
  • Lock the curly texture of the hair with a good amount of hair spray. Spritz it from long distance and don’t touch the hair until the hair spray is all dry.

Enjoy this classic, gorgeous hairstyle. Have fun, girls!



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