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Pimples Do Talk About Your Health


Your skin is like an x-ray of your body and the processes in it. Such skin breakouts are not random and they all have a reason to be there. Pimples can speak a lot about your hygiene and health. If you are interested in such a matter, continue reading and learn what all those zits are telling the others!

For a pimple to appear on a specific area on your face, there are different reasons.

1. Chin, jawline, neck: You are getting your period soon. These are usually the spots where pimples may occur. Have you thought about it? The hormones make your glands produce more oil which clogs your pores and this results to the unwanted zits in these areas.

2. Around your mouth: When a pimple appears around your lips, it means you have consumed acidic or greasy foods. Dressings, which are vinegar and lemon-based can be very irritating to the skin and its consumation results to inflammation. Greasy foods like the junk food, fries and everything you can get from a fast food restaurant, can actually block your pores. You can prevent this from happening by being careful of what you eat and try to not consume such foods as often as you do now. Also, a facial cleansing wipe’s usage will help as well, accompanied with a nice moisturizing face cream.

3. Nose and forehead: Puberty or stress can be a cause for zits in that area. The T zone is the usual victim of puberty, and that’s something natural to happen. However, good acne face cleansing lotions are a way to minimalize the appearance of zits, along with being careful with your diet. How can they appear because of stress, you may ask? The adrenaline, released by your body, can increase the oil production which is linked to the breakouts.

4. Hairline and temples: Either the reason is touching this area too much, or applying hair products near it. Overusing hair products in unneeded amounts are something which you should not do, and sometimes we all apply too much. How to avoid such breakouts? Try to apply you hair masks far from your forehead, so it is not directly “attacked”.

5. Cheekbones: The reason for pimples which have appeared there is most of the time the fact, that you have touched it with dirty hands or a dirty phone. The dirt from them clogs the pores and causes the appearance of zits. You can clean your phone with antibacterial wipes daily or use a hands-free or headphones when talking. And, of course, stop touching your face! It’s a bad habit you must get rid of.




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