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Perfect the Different Hair Styles


Beautiful hair is a must for every girl. Knowing how to do your hair is difficult. And we always dream to have the same hair as the celebreties. You know the waves, the red carpet looks amd everything. But hollywood stars have great teams of hair stylists, make up artists and many other people who glam them. But there are ways to achieve that beautiful style yourself.

Cool-Girl Waves

It is the perfect style for short hair. Because a lot of people think that short haired girls can;t pull waves it is time to show them exactly the opposite. It is the undone type of look – efortless and sexy.

This hairstyle will be achieved most easily if you use a curve wave wand to do it. This is the easiest way for shorter hair. A curling iron or a flat iron will be hard to use on short hair and also will give it too much of a prepy look. With the curve wave wand you just wrap around the lock. And then you have got the perfect loose curl. The trick though about the efortless look is to change the directions of the curling – so don’t make a pattern. Do it the messier way.

Smooth curls

Blow out curls are gorgeous. And for longer hair they are perfect. Wouldn’t you love it if you just woke up and looked like you came out of the saloon? Yes, I know I would. The truth is that this can be done also with a curling iron and you will still rock them waves.

You should do that on clean straight hair. Pull it in a high ponytail. It may seem odd and strange but it is what it is. Devide the hair in 4 (or if you have more hair more) sections. Pin them or divide them with an elastic. Whatever is the easiest way for you. Curl every section by itsself. After you are done let the curls cool for half an hour. Then spray some hairspray and let them down. Enjoy your curls!

Carrie Bradshaw curls

We all love Sex and city and we all wanted to look like Carrie or some of the other girls at one point or another. The Carrie curls are almost impossible for anyone with straight hair. The right technique might do wonders though.

Grab a small curling iron. A thin one. Wrap the flat hair against the straight locks of your hair. Don’t leave any space between the iron and your hair. That way you will get exactly the jumpoy waves of Carrie. Also a good idea is not to unwrap the hair from the iron, but just to pull the iron down from the hair. It will leave the locks tight.

Victoria’s Secret curls

Of course we want to be exactly like the Angels. But it is kind of tough to achieve it. So the least we can do is the wavy, curly hair style. To achieve that there is a little trick.

So, divide your hair into four sections – two on the sides of the head and two at the back (one over the other). Then grab a big curling iron. The way you should curl any lock is from the bottom working your curly way up to the roots. Then pinch each section on the top of the head (after you have curled it). Once you have done the whole hair let it cool down and then free it. Enjoy!



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