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Pampering of the Celebrities on Tours


Being a celebrity is not an easy job. You should work day and night to look great, act as you are expected to act and be the person that your fans adore. It’s not a secret that some celebrities are very pretentious.  Today we will present you some celebrities from the music world which have very unusual demands about their dressing rooms while they are on tour. Check them out:

Lady Gaga. She wants to have black couches, black velvet curtains and old posters of Queen, John and Billie Holiday in her dressing room, and also naked mannequin with pink pubic hairs. Weird, huh?


Madonna. She insists to have around her about 200 people when she is on tour. 30 bodyguards should be among these 200 people, also personal cook, yoga instructor, masseur and someone to clean her clothes.


Mariah Carey. Prepare to be amazed. She wants 20 white kittens and 100 doves. Beside this (like it’s not enough) she wants white roses, candles with vanilla flavor and nothing too bright and colorful in the dressing room.


Nicki Minaj is a fan of the candles too, but she wants her to smell like fresh, baked cookies. She also wants three different kinds of gums and spicy chicken wings.


Rihanna. She really cares about the catering. She also wants jelly beans Haribo, Red Bull, mini cheese Babybel and Oreo.


Katy Perry. Her dressing room should be decorated only in white or creamy colors. She also wants her fridge to have glass doors and the drivers must not speak to her.


Beyonce. She must be driven only in a Maybach. She likes to eat baked chicken with spices like garlic and pepper.


J Lo. Everything in the dressing room must be in white.


Christina Aguilera. Her food must not be touched to plastic materials. Right before a concert she must be provided with little packages of vitamins.


Kanye West. He uses only Versace towels and his drivers must wear only clothes made of natural fabrics.




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