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Overview of Shoe Fashion Trends in Spring/Summer 2012


Premier designers offer a variety of jaw-dropping and attention-grabbing wedges, sandals, and boots. From knit kicks and embroidered loafers to high-heeled boots and sneakers, there is an abundance of footwear by top designers such as Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Gianvito Rossi, and Tabitha Simmons.

Whether you prefer standbys or new designs, you will find a pair of shoes that will make you the happiest person ever. Some designers use metallic toes, making footwear more durable. Boots and sandals feature rounded toes while shoes have pointed toes for a glamorous and feminine look.

There is a large selection of fabulous shoes to choose from, including high-top sneakers, pointy-toe shoes, and braided sandals. The spring season was all about bright, bold colors, a plethora of braided styles, and intricate textures and patterns. Designers featured to-die-for shoes and a variety of footwear options, including espadrilles, pointy-toe pumps, and shearling-lined booties. Pointy-toe heels and color blocked heels were in fashion again to brighten the winter blues. Neon-colored shoes in red and blue featured high heels and elegant designs. Braided and woven sandals came back into the spotlight during the spring season. Woven sandals featured tribal-inspired designs, combining well with bold prints. Metallic heels were also in fashion, giving shoes a more futuristic look. Metallic heels wear well with floral designs and prints, and you can combine them with a T-shirt or sweater for a casual vibe. Stiletto ankle straps feel ladylike and pair with cocktail dresses. Thicker heels are work-appropriate and a good choice for your office ensemble.

Espadrilles were in fashion during the summer season, with designers offering choice between ankle-wrap and flat versions. Printed and lacy fabrics wear well with sundresses. Pointy-toe heels in bright and metallic colors made a comeback as well. They combine with printed pants or a pencil skirt for a classic, ladylike vibe. Flat sandals pair with maxi dresses and are easy on the feet. Flat sandals were featured in black, light brown, white and yellow, and other tones and shades. Wedges also came into the spotlight and were a spring staple. Combined with ankle-crop pants or a miniskirt, they are leg-lengthening and give your outfit a spring vibe.

Alexander McQueen and Victoria Spruce’s summer collections offered futuristic designs while other premier shoe producers and designers leaned on elegant heels and posh models. Loeffler Randall’s collection featured extravagant colors and peachy and beige hues. Top designers featured a selection of fabulous shoes, including two-toned platforms in the retro style, gem-studded sandals, classic flats, and lace-up heels. Summer was about classically nautical pumps in dark blue and red, a mix of neutral and metallic colors, leather ankle straps, and minimalist buckles. Kitty flats and gladiator sandals in metallic tones were also trendy. Celebrities such as Zendaya, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Swift were seen wearing saddle shoes. Saddle shoes have made a strong comeback this summer season. They were offered in various colors and designs, amidst racks of pointy-toe heels, huaraches, and platform sandals.


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