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Outfits: Day to night – Simply


Your at the office, Mr Brown shouts to the whole office that you have all reached the target and he’s taking you all out after work to a trendy bar / restaurant.

You must go and cannot be late but you have your basics on, what to do?

I got ya covered ladies! We show you how to dress for work to make sure your ready for that celebration.

Lets face it you should go, the boss is paying!

Bonuses dont come often so take advantage of whatever you are offered!

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This simple white dress is easily transformed into a ‘it took hours to get ready look’

Simply throw the flat, put on heels and add some earrings, done!

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Add a clutch, heels, necklace and lipstick, done!

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Take off the jacket – thats it, can you imagine! 🙂

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Ditch the famous ‘office cardigan’ for a blazer

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Necklace, heels, ditch the waistcoat and your now ready to party the night away

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Tights, earrings, heels and voila!

Moral of the story ladies is, keep a pair of heels and earrings in your desk drawer and your ready for anything!


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