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One of the Biggest Trends of Summer 2014: Neon, Neon, Neon!


Until a few years ago, neon colors were for a specific group of people who were not afraid to experiment and have always been fans of the more extravagant fashion. However, that times has passed and neon is now part of every woman who follows fashion at least a little. Whether it is one item or a whole collection, neon pieces are in every closet, especially for summer. We have to admit: it’s not typical to wear them in fall or winter, but in the warmer months neon look perfect. Here are a few ideas of how to wear them, if you are new to the trend:

Neon+Neutrals: Mixing neon with more neutral or basic colors (black, grey, nude, white) is an easy way to incorporate these bright hues in your outfits. It’s hard to make a mistake in this situation!

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Neon Accessories: The neon accessories (bags, shoes, jewelry), with a piece of clothing corresponding to them or even without, can spice up your summer and make you as bright as the sun, without having to completely change your closet.

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One Neon All the Way: And here is the bravest option: one neon all over you! Top, bottom, outerwear, bag, shoes… All of these in one color! You risk to look like a warning sign, but if you have the confidence to pull it off, why not experiment?    



Multiple Neons in One Outfit: Here are some alternatives for the braver among you: take more than one neon (blue, green, yellow, pink, orange, purple) and mix and match all the way!

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