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One Lipstick From Day to Night


 Women often think that wearing a lipstick is too bold and it’s not for everybody. But those women couldn’t be more wrong. Lipstick is one of the most versatile make-up products a woman can have and here I have some examples of how you can wear just one lipstick from day to night:

Lip stain:

If you think it’s not appropriate to wear your bold burgundy lipstick to work but the color looks amazing on you, just put some lipstick on your finger and apply it on your lips. The effect will be more subtle as if your lips are naturally darker.


Lipstick is not only for your lips. Put some lipstick on your hand and then apply with a brush or finger on your cheeks. This is useful when you don’t have a lot of blush colors but you want to experiment.


The day is over and you want to drink a glass of wine with your friends but don’t want to go with the whole “femme fatale” look and use dark lipstick. For something lighter apply the lipstick with a brush. That way you control the amount of lipstick on your lips and the color won’t be so dark.

Bold lips:

For a bold look apply a darker shade lip pencil on your lips and then apply the lipstick. This way you’ll get more bold and define look.


Apply lipstick and top it with lipgloss. Your lips will be dark but the lipgloss will give them just the right amount of shine so they look more fresh.


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